The present general sales conditions govern only purchases of products made directly from Andropharma S.L, through Andropharma S.L’s telephone service, offices or websites. It is not possible to claim on any purchase made through any other channel order distributor.


The price will be that which is at any moment in time published on the respective websites created by Andropharma S.L. for each country. The price will include tax when applicable.

Pricing on all products does not include any additional taxes or tariffs that may be imposed by individual nation’s legislation. Any additional costs of this type are to be paid by the purchaser of the product in question.


The product is shipped once 100% of payment is received by Andropahrma, S.L.
Payment methods accepted for all products and all destinations are credit card, debit card and Paypal.


Delivery time and the transport company used will vary relative to the final destination.

USA, Europe & Japan, ~2-5 days
Asia-Pacific & Americas, ~3-7 days

At the time of delivery, the corresponding document must be signed to confirm receipt and acceptance of the delivery.

In the case that external damage of any product is detected, this must be properly explained on the delivery note and the client must inform Andropharma S.L. within the next 14 days after the date of delivery.


The products which Andropharma S.L offers have the following guarantees:

  • Product’s Warranty:
    Andropharma’s products are manufactured according to the health sector’s most stringent quality standards allowing us to offer a 1 year products warranty, and 2 years products warranty in the European Union countries in accordance with the legislation in force.

This period will begin the day after the product is received by the client.

The products warrantee will only be valid if the client possess the original invoice/ sales receipt (stating date of purchase and serial number), the product itself (excluding disposable parts) and the original packaging.

The manufacturer’s warranty is void as to any products that have been repaired or modified by persons other than those authorized representatives of the manufacturer or which have been subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident at the hands of the buyer.

Likewise, are also expressly exclude from the content of the product purchased and, therefore, from the guarantee of it, those pieces necessary for use for those patients whose anatomical conditions are higher than usual, or that, the time of usage makes the buyer the need of them. These additional components necessary for these patients must be purchased by the buyer, assuming the buyer the cost of the additional components.

As per the Directive 93/42/EEC, concerning medical devices, and in accordance with the ISO 13485:2003 Quality Standard, the buyer should send this warrantee, fully completed and signed, to the following postal address: Andropharma S.L., Gran Vía, 6, 4º, 28013 Madrid, Spain.

  • Right of Money-back Guarantee:
    Andropharma S.L.’s extenders are manufactured according to the medical sector’s most stringent quality standards, which allows offering the client a 60-day contract cancellation period to be refunded the money paid for them, period of time in which the product must have been returned to Andropharma S.L.

The cancellation period starts from the day after the end client receives the extender which they want to return, provided the device has been paid for in full.

This guarantee will apply to Andropharma S.L.’s extenders and only when purchased directly from the manufacturer, Andropharma S.L., via its client service phone center, at their offices or through the websites which are the property of Andropharma S.L.

This Guarantee expressly excludes any spare parts which are purchased either jointly or separately from the main product.

In order to refund the price paid by the client, Andropharma S.L. will request him to send back the main product set to their central offices (Postal address: Gran Vía, 6, 4º, 28013 Madrid, Spain), together with the original invoice or sales receipt (stating the date of purchase and Serial Number) and the original packaging. After checking the status of the product, Andropharma will proceed to refund the amount to the customer.

Shipping charges are not refunded. Also, the cost of collection will be borne by the customer.

The 30 day refund period will begin the day after the applicable product, invoice or sales receipt and the original packaging have been received by Andropharma S.L.

The refund method will be by bank transfer unless Andropharma S.L. has the necessary bank details of the client to refund the money to the credit card originally used at point of purchase.

Purchases made through distributors or third party vendors are expressly excluded from the aforementioned guarantee.

The ordinary 14 day cancellation period will apply to the rest of Andropharma S.L.’s products to which the voluntarily extended guarantee is not explicitly applicable.

Shipping charges are only refundable in the case of incorrect shipment or defective products.


With the acceptance of the present Sales Conditions, you recognize and admit knowing the characteristics, forms, contraindications, and precautions you need to adopt in order to correctly use the product.

You recognize, admit and declare to know the following indications and the existence of health risks if you do not use the product strictly following every instruction.

It will be assumed that you have understood and accepted the presented clauses and that you have full knowledge of these clauses through the information contained within them from the moment that you make the acquisition of the product. Likewise, you give informed consent on the risks of misusage of the acquired product.


It is strictly prohibited reselling used products, for reasons of public health. The buyer has a money-back period to prevent the resale of used products. Andropharma is the only company authorized to treat the products used.


For whatever complaint against Andropharma S.L., the Court of Madrid (Spain, European Union) will be held competent, therefore renouncing the parts to any other jurisdiction that may apply.

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