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Andropharma is a pharma laboratory, dedicated exclusively to male treatments. We are committed to providing products for a better and more confident life for our patients.

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Health & Quality Certifications


Andropharma has always been aware of the importance of being able to offer a sanitary back up to its patients. As a pharma laboratory, we hold international certifications which vouch for this.

In order to be able to manufacture and distribute our products, each country establishes certain guidelines which have to be followed. Andropharma adapts to these procedures to ensure its patients the quality they expect.

Legal Status

Private Limited Liability Company, registered in Spain

Andropharma’s central offices are located at:
6 Gran Vía, 4th, 28013 Madrid, Spain

A brief history of Andropharma

eduardo_doctor-300x200Andropharma was founded in the year 2016, after 4 years of clinical and medical research, with the collaboration of Doctor Eduardo A. Gómez de Diego’s own patients.

With these favorable results, Andropharma came into being through the sole initiative of its founding partner, Doctor Eduardo Gómez de Diego, in order to satisfy the growing demand of patients worried about to increase your libido, experience long-lasting erections, facilitate muscle building, and more.

Andropharma currently operates at a global level and sells its products in over more than 165 countries. The company has acquired a very high level of specialization, allowing it to position as one of the market leaders in units sold and invoiced amount. All this is thanks to its main competitive advantage; Certified Medical Quality, which assures effectiveness and safety, in addition to our professional and personalized customer service.

USA 800-246-1387

Canada 800-246-1387

Mexico 01-800-099-0391

Australia 1-800-002-619

UK 0808-189-0326

Deutschland 030-30806288

Nederland 020-241-0955

France 0800-910-078

España 91-198-17-40

Italia 02-9475-0304

日本 0800-888-2609

Israel 1-809-494-234

الإمارات 519-4440-8000

العربية السعودية 4042-844-800

World +1-646-568-7796

sirenspharma pharmaceutical laboratory logo white

America: Androshopping LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE-19958, USA
EIN, 300841570

Europe: Andropharma S.L.
6 Gran Vía, 4th, 28013 Madrid, Spain
VAT: ESB87700902

andropharma pharmaceutical laboratory logo white
20 years andropharma

ANDROPHARMA is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified.

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